Welcome Friends!

Manu Patel came to pursue the American dream in 1971. He has successfully fulfilled that dream by becoming a reliable insurance agent, businessman, and family man. He earned his MBA from West LA College and has been a fixture in Artesia for over two decades. His past experiences include being a board member of the nationally recognized ABC unified school district, and a stint as President the Artesia Chamber of Commerce as well as being active with the Rotary club.

Dear Artesians,

I have been an advocate for the city of Artesia for twenty years. During my time, I have served as the Director of the ABC School District Foundation, been a President of the Artesia Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club. I am also Captain of the American Volunteer Reserve for the United States of America. I have been working alongside with the Artesian community helping all those who are in need. I continue to champion to solve key issues for the City of Artesia, and if elected to the City Council, I will help the city improve its infrastructure, help small businesses, and continue to fight crime.

I kindly ask for your vote on Nov. 5th, 2013.

For together WE CAN!

Thank You,
Manu Patel